Adolescence and young adulthood is often a chapter in our life in which we are told that it "should" be the most fun, exciting, and inspiring time of our lives.  

But then why does it feel so stressful, confusing, lonely, and sometimes downright hopeless?  

During this season of life it is not untypical to feel a lot of pressure, as you are challenged with transitions like leaving your family of origin, coming face to face with overwhelming life choices, and often times facing traumas of your childhood for the first time.

In our work together, we can help...

  • with feelings of depression, anxiety, confusion, despair, panic, loneliness, and other emotionally difficult states

  • with life changes that are causing disturbance: breakups, new family configurations, and other relationship difficulties and challenges

  • with academic stress or changes that require new ways of thinking and doing

  • with grieving losses (death/divorce/separation) that might be making it hard to function

  • with cultural/societal issues that are impacting your life

  • with a spiritual or identity crisis

  • with body image and self-esteem issues

  • with a desire to have a fuller, more creative, more authentic life

  • with accessing and expressing your experiences and feelings

  • with creating a safe space to talk about difficult issues like childhood traumas, and questions regarding sex and sexuality

People always ask, what do you want to be? They don’t ask who or how do you want to be? I might have said, amazed forever. I wanted to be curious, interested, interesting, hopeful - and a little bit odd was okay too.
— Naomi Shihab Nye

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