Life brings seasons of both ease and challenge, confidence and uncertainty. It can be difficult to navigate the ebb and flow, no matter our age, life experience, or situation.

We all experience significant transitions, questions about identity and purpose, and seasons of change or feeling stuck. Perhaps you feel you should have figured everything out by this point in your life. Maybe you look around everyone around you and feel as though you don’t measure up, or that you can’t keep up.

You are deserving of care and support in all seasons. When life feels heavier, or more difficult to navigate, counseling can be a helpful way to lighten the load and explore growth and healing in a supportive environment.

In our work together, we can help...

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take a step.
— Naeem Callaway
  • with feelings of depression, anxiety, confusion, despair, panic, loneliness, and other emotionally difficult states

  • with life changes that are causing disturbance: breakups, new family configurations, job or career changes, and other relationship difficulties and challenges

  • with grieving losses (death/divorce/separation) that might be making it hard to function

  • with cultural/societal issues that are impacting your life

  • with a spiritual or identity crisis

  • with body image and self-esteem issues

  • with a desire to have a fuller, more creative, more authentic life

  • with accessing and expressing your experiences and feelings

  • with creating a safe space to talk about difficult issues like childhood traumas, and questions regarding sex and sexuality

Ready to Take the Next Step?