Couples therapy invites and supports you in exploring the dynamics of your relationships, and it provides perspective and tools to help you understand and reframe your relational dance in a way that both supports your personal growth and well-being, and your connection to your partner.


Whether you are trying to reinvigorate a stale relationship, improve communication, contemplating marriage or divorce, or working through a crisis, couples therapy will help set you on the path toward achieving your relational goals.

    In our work together I can help you with...

    • understanding what each person wants, needs, and expects out of the relationship
    • identifying and unraveling repeating patterns that can create obstacles to growth and intimacy
    • learning effective tools for active listening and cooperative communication
    • creating a safe container to talk about difficult issues like sexual dissatisfaction, financial challenges, sexual and emotional infidelity, and parenting
    When you pick a partner, you pick a story, and often you will be recruited for a play you didn’t audition for.
    — Esther Perel