Release. Expand. Heal. Deepen. Grow.

Compassionate counseling for individuals and couples


Release. Expand. Heal. Deepen. Grow.

Compassionate counseling for individuals and couples


Welcome to this space.

Stories unfold, and so do our lives. And yet, grappling with the normal questions and challenges of being human can, at times, become overwhelming.

Storyline Counseling & Wellness is here to help with...

  • your feelings of depression, anxiety, confusion, despair, panic, burnout and other emotionally difficult states

  • navigating transitions in life that are causing disturbances such as: breakups, new family configurations, and other relationship difficulties and challenges

  • your feelings of dissatisfied in your job or other life changes that require new ways of thinking and doing

  • grieving losses (death/divorce/separation) that might be making it hard to function

  • cultural/societal issues that are impacting your life

  • a spiritual or identity crisis

  • your desire to have a fuller, more creative, more authentic life

  • your ability to access and express your experiences and feelings

Your preparation for the real world is not in the answers you’ve learned, but in the questions you’ve learned to ask yourself.
— Bill Watterson

Supporting You On Your Journey

Supporting You On Your Journey

Stories have themes and patterns.  The same is true of our lives.  You don’t have to stay stuck in habitual patterns that don’t serve you. Through thoughtful exploration and practice you can create a new storyline and build a life of greater freedom and possibility.

History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.
— Maya Angelou

 Storyline Counseling and Wellness is here to serve...

  • woman, men, teens and adults of all ages

  • couples in which both parties are committed to change

  • caregivers, parents, artists, leaders, and teachers who looking for support and fresh ideas

  • individuals from a wide range of ethnic, cultural, religious backgrounds, education and income levels

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a growing community of licensed counselors, with a variety of backgrounds, specialities, interests, and stories of our own, serving the city of Lynden and the surrounding area within Whatcom County.

Reaching out and finding a therapist can sometimes be hard.  

But we believe that reaching out and finding a therapist who feels like a good fit, is an important first step in your journey towards health and healing.

Both of us are ready and honored to have the opportunity to hear your story and journey along side of you.

Shawn Hofing, LMHC

Kristen Blok, LMHCA

Getting Started

Getting Started

 We know that there can be a lot of fear and anxiety surrounding the decision to pursue counseling. We want to help you feel as comfortable as possible from your first conversation, to your first appointment. 

What to expect?

Have questions about counseling, and what it would be like to work with us? We've put together a handful of our frequently asked questions as a helpful resource.


Where can I find you?

Nestled near the heart of downtown Lynden, WA…

How much does it cost?

Understanding counseling, insurance, and payment can be confusing. If at any time you want our help, just let us know. We don’t directly bill your insurance for a number of reasons. Mostly it is because we want you to have complete control over your records. We are considered an “Out of Network” provider, and we’d love to walk you through the process of getting counseling started.

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